Cheers! Here's my entry for the Polycount Brawl contest. You've gotta love Polycount, man, - it's a constant costume party!:)

The task was to reimagine a stage from a fighting game. I chose Water Mill Valley from Soul Calibur 3! Here's the original thread on Polycount.

I've done a lot of particle effects such as falling water, drops, splashes, birds, dust and a lens flare.

The scene made heavy use of smart-ass vertex and height map blended materials to minimize texture usage. Here's a glimpse of the parent material for you.

Here's the construction shot:

And that's my texture sheet. A little more than 2048 for the whole scene:

Though meant for the background, here's how the rocks look up close. And some tileable sculpts I based my textures on:

An illustration of the very modular approach I've taken with the buildings.
These buildings were further combined in engine to create even more variations.

And just an example of not even the most complex network for the water shader. It's highly parameterized and easily adjustable for all kinds of purposes.
Among notable features procedural foam in shallow waters, on huge waves and at intersections with objects. You can, of course, always vertex it paint by hand if you like:

And the concept art for dessert:

Thank you very much for watching! I hope you enjoy what you see. :)
And huge thanks to Polycount! Brawl was great fun!


All artwork (c) Andrew Maximov unless stated otherwise.