Miscelanious Artwork

This page holds all the artwork, that didn't fall into any other category or is dated and doesn't realistically display my current abilities.

My my Vice City/Miami/Disco Era inspired environment. A product of a lot of love, yet time moves on and it is time for it move from the main page as it does not reflect my professional level anymore.

My entry for Unearthly Challenge 2009 ended up here, cause it's pretty old already.) But if you click it you'll discover the whole page dedicated to it.

Here's something more of a sentiment, from my architectural visualisation background.

My stab at concepting. I could produce a pic of such quality in about 6 hours and getting faster.

I have a scetchbook at polycount for stuff like that, feel free to check it out, it got plenty of those!

Here's the front side of Lights Fall From Behind debut self titeled album cover, that I made. The sky is completely hand painted. Here's a link to their myspace. Be sure to check it out - it's well worth it.

For my last school year I dumped my math/foreign languages oriented school for an art school and here's some stuff I did there:

This is a birthday present vector-painted for my special female friend. It was later printed on everything from mugs to notebook stickers.


All artwork (c) Andrew Maximov unless stated otherwise.