Prepare your stomachs, guys and gals, for some nasty alien awesomeness!
This art was made for a really beautifull and ambitious project, that I look forward to playing - Natural Selection 2 from Unknow Worlds.
My job was to refine the lowpoly, unwrap, bake and texture. It was a fun and unusual task to convey such kinds of organic surfaces.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. For a base texture for this guy I actually had to put a piece of ham out of my refrigerator and into my scanner.
Times like these, I love my job even more=)

That's Whip. He is a sexy little tentacle and an alien turret sometimes. Here's the description from the development blog.

And this thing is an incubator for alien structures, where they "grow". Those guys at Unknown Worlds sure have incredible fantasy. Their designs never cease to amaze me.
Btw this fella was done in one sitting(around 8-10 hours).

This organic, wet, semi-transparent stuff is interesting to do, because its believability totally depends on use of all the different textures that make a material. Here are Whips' textures as an example(click for bigger size):

I actually did one more alien structure that I am not allowed to show yet, so I'll post it sometime later I hope.

Thanks for watching, hope you like it! Special thanks to Den Fox and Unknown Worlds for the opportunity.


All artwork (c) Andrew Maximov unless stated otherwise.