So far I had the amazing opportunity to share with the students of Art Institute of California in San Francisco, National Animation and Design Center in Montreal and a few other schools and univercities what, I believe, lies at the source of being an artist - "Beauty". So that they can intertwine it with their vision and move us all forward as an art form :)

This is by far the most valuable thing I ever had to share with fellow artists. I hope this will work as much wonders for you as it did for me.
Some slides to entice you some more:

If you wanna know more about the main quality of Beauty you'll have to check out the talk :) right here:

Materials available for download right here.

If you want an intro that's short and sweet, feel free to check it out here:

I'd like to extend an additional thank you to all the great artists whose images were used as examples in this talk. They were gathered from freely available resources online through many years and origins for most slip my memory. If you found you work there and would like your name to appear on the slide please let me know and I'll be honored to give you all the credit you deserve.


All artwork (c) Andrew Maximov unless stated otherwise.