- Setting up some of the most advanced and efficient art production pipelines in the industry

- Look Development/ Concept Art/ Art Direction

- Full cycle advanced tool development (Python, Qt, Procedural Content Generation, Content management)

- Cutting-edge Shader Technology Development (HLSL, GLSL, PSSL)

- Team management, Mentoring, Writing Papers, Lecturing, Motivational and Public Speaking

- Full environment production ( conception, blockout, modeling, texturing, shaders, set dressing, lighting & atmospherics)

- Hands on 3d Modeling, Texturing, High-poly and Sculpting work

- Jiggling my belly fat

Expert Software Proficiency:

3ds Max, Maya, Photoshop, Substance Designer, ZBrush, Mudbox, Unreal Engine, After Effects, Premiere

Work Experience:

July 2014 to Present – Naughty Dog – Lead Technical Artist

Leading the environment art team and working with all departments to give an edge to our art technology as well as effectively identify and resolve production bottlenecks and fulfill team needs. Developing novel features, supporting all teams and helping raise the quality of our games and production across the board.

June 2013 to June 2014 – KIXEYE San Francisco – Senior Artist

Full technical Art Direction of AAA Unreal Engine 4 project’s art production ensuring quality, efficiency, scalability and fast speed of production while pushing Beauty to new heights. Producing benchmark assets, tutoring, contributing vision and concept art, creating spec sheets and helping manage in-house team and outsourcing.

April 2013 to June 2013 – Gameloft Montreal – Assistant Technical Art Director

August 2012 to April 2013 - Environment Artist

Concept art, look development, full environment production, pipeline establishment, team communication, script and shader creation(introducing never-before-used shader technology to handheld in the most cost-efficient way), workflow and tool documentation, team education.
Announced projects worked on:

- Modern Combat 4

- Gangstar Vegas

Nov 2009 to present day – Freelance Artist

Projects worked on:

- Royal Quest - modeling, UVs, hand painted texturing. Environment art (locations, bridges, props).

- Unannounced next gen FPS - highpoly, lowpoly, UVs, bakes, photorealistic texturing. (vehicles)

Nov 2009 to present day – Fox3d Studios – Freelance

During my time with Fox3d I actively participated in production of an unannounced handheld title, heavily contributing art and original gameplay ideas. I also wrote the narrative for it.
But mostly I've been involved in outsourcing gigs for other companies. I've worked on a variety of projects ranging from photorealistic character texturing to handpainted handheld assets.
Projects worked on:

- Natural Selection II - lowpoly, UVs, bakes, photorealistic texturing. (aliens)

- 3 more unannounced

Sept 2008 to Nov 2009 – Stream)

I've spent the year working on MMO "World of Tanks" and Square Enix published RTS "Order of War", quickly making my way from just doing great art to writing docs , feedback(outsource and inhouse),tutorials and inventing how certain things should work. All the things I strived to introduce dramatically affected contents production speed, as well as visual quality and engine wise efficiency.
Eventually, I was offered to form my own R&D department, but decided to see what else the video game industry has in store for me.
Projects worked on:

- World of Tanks - highpoly, lowpoly, UVs, bakes, photorealistic texturing, QA, Research

- Order of War - modeling, UVs, photorealistic texturing.

Honors and Auxiliary Experience:

- Recognized by United States Citizenship and Immigration as a person with Extraordinary Ability in Arts

- Develop Magazine's 30 under 30 to watch

- Montreal International Game Summit Art Gallery Winner - Best Animated Artwork

- Unearthly Challenge 2013, Kanobu Games Jam 2014, UCLA HackSC 2014 Judge

- Led one of the winning teams of the biggest game art contest in years - Polycount Escape

- Game-Artist.Net 4 times Hall of Fame, 4 times Front Page Spotlight and CGSociety Newsletter Mention

- Polycount.Com 3 times Front Page Spotlight and 9 times Weekly Recap Mention

- Eat3D 4 times Front Page Spotlight

- Interviews for 3dTotal, Render Magazine, DualShockers

- Interviewed by for their article on education in Games Industry

- Next Gen Texturing Workshop for 3dArtist Magazine issue #71

- Speaker at Siggraph, Anaheim 2016
"General-purpose Vertex Processing in Ucharted 4"

- ​Organizer at Art Direction Bootcamp​ at Game Developers Conference​, San Francisco 2016

- Speaker at Game Developers Conference, San Francisco 2016
"Technical Art Culture"

- ​Organizer at Art Direction Bootcamp​ at Game Developers Conference​, San Francisco 2015

- Guest Speaker at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Chapman University, Orange County 2015

- Guest Speaker at The Art Institute of California, Santa Monica 2014
I had the pleasure of doing 2 talks for the students of the Art Institute of Santa Monica and IGDA Los Angeles members covering such topics as career advice and developing a productive attitude to your work as well as analyzing beauty and always keeping the bigger picture in mind.

- Guest Speaker at Academy of Art University, San Francisco 2014
I had the pleasure of flying out to San Francisco to do an extensive 2-day 6 hour a day workshop for the faculty of the Academy Of Art University on the latest current-gen art production techniques, physically based shading theory and general art theory. As well as expressing my own personal views on what I believe would be the most efficient approach on teaching those.

- Guest Speaker at Academy of Art University, San Francisco 2014
I had the pleasure of giving a talk on Next Gen Art Production for the students of the Academy

- Speaker at Game Developers Conference 2014, San Francisco 2014
“The Career Advice I Wish I Could Give My Past Self”

- Guest Lecturer at The Art Institute of California, San Francisco 2013

- Speaker at International Game Developer Association, San Francisco 2013
Once again addressed fellow industry professionals on prevalence of beauty and beauty oriented development and education over technological one. If you’re in the Bay Area make sure to drop by one of those. They are a lot of fun.

- Speaker at Game Developers Conference 2013, San Francisco 2013
I had the privilege to address the Industry on the subject of how Artistic Beauty is perceived by our audience and human brain in general and the economic implications thorough understanding of Beauty brings. Because, unlike detail, beauty is free. Look for my talk “How Much Is Enough For Beauty?” in GDC Vault!

- Instructor for Eat3D
I created a comprehensive educational DVD that takes you from very accessibly-explained basics of shader creation to some of the most sophisticated use cases you can come up with.

- Writer for Game Developer Magazine, March 2013 Issue
I had the honor of my extensive practical research on factual relevance of diffuse maps published in the biggest and best industry periodical.

- Guest Lecturer at Centre Nad, Montreal QC 2013
I had the amazing opportunity to share with the students of Centre NAD what, I believe, lies at the heart of being an artist - "Beauty". So that they can intertwine it with their vision and move us all forward as an art form.

- Roundtable Moderator at IGDA, Montreal QC 2012
I had the pleasure to hold a roundtable discussion on a "Student Topic: Career Prep for Game Artists" at IGDA Montreal roundtable night.

- Guest Lecturer at Belarusian State Academy of Arts, 2012
2 lectures: “Beauty in Representative Art” and “Talent as a Delusion”.

- Guest Lecturer at Crosspoint Forum for Art Students, 2012
2 lectures: “Beauty in Representative Art” and “Talent as a Delusion”.

- Guest Lecturer at Minsk Institute of Management Faculty of Computer Graphics, 2012
2 lectures: “Beauty in Representative Art” and “Talent as a Delusion”.

- Guest Lecturer at CG Gravity event for artists, 2011
2 lectures on “Efficient Approach to your Potential Career” and “Motivation”.

- Guest Lecturer at Crosspoint Forum for Art Students, 2011
A lecture on “Professional Opportunities In Video Game Industry”.

- Consulting Expert for local markets for Crimson Consulting Group(California,USA), 2011


All artwork (c) Andrew Maximov unless stated otherwise.