Hi! On this page you can find the artwork I did for fox3dstudios' unannounced Iphone game!

All this artwork was meant to be rendered into sprites, so it was fun once in a while not to bother with poly and texture budgets.)Our rendering pipeline was pretty bold and mostly relied on flat shading. It means that all of the lighting was to be painted into the textures and that's always tremendous fun to do!

One of the two playable characters from the game. Fully done by me. Check out his texture sheets to see what I mean about light painted in. By hand. With tender love and care.

For this cute fellas I did the UVs and the textures.

This one was one tough bugger. It took me a while to figure out how to go about making a cartoonish fur with no small details, not to make it too noisy on a small Iphone screen. I did only the UVs and the texture.

This old rusty AK 47 is the most badass weapon you can wish for. Nevermind the rust though. And some cuts and deformations on it. And some loose or missing screws.
And be careful with recoil - it might cost you a couple of teeth. But other than this, it's a perfect weapon!
This one is fully mine.

Now that's an impressive piece of soviet machinery. A bit worn, but it get's the job done. If your job is total anihilation that is.
I contributed UVs and textures for it.

Su-27 - it's fast, it's deadly, it's blue and it has pretty red stars on it. What else could you fish from a fighter plane?
This piece is also completely by me. And it's pretty techical by the way. Check out some animations I made during production.


All artwork (c) Andrew Maximov unless stated otherwise.