Hey, guess what? You just found my Unearthly Challenge 2009 entry page!

Feel free to scroll around and check out the art I did for this used-to-be-annual competition for enviroment artists from all over the world. It was my first environment ever and a tremendous lerning curve. It was the first time I used Unreal Engine 3 too.=)
If it's still up, you can checkout my original thread over here.

These are some props scattered around my UC environment. They are hardly more then 300 tris each and some are packed together on a single texture sheet, like the lamps and the fire hydrant.

That's a police car I came up with for my UC entry. It's about 2700 tris and has 2048x1024 texture.

A newspaper vending maschine I made to help tell the story of my environment. It was a lot uf fun,making my own newspapres, advertisments, billboards and wanted posters. There's nothing like telling a story.)

It was obligatory for very team to provide the texture sheet of their environment. Max 4096x4096 for the whole scene.Here's mine. With some closeups.

It was obligatory for very team to provide the construction sheet with their wireframe and a break down of which team member did what. Since I was alone I just added some extra pictures to it.


All artwork (c) Andrew Maximov unless stated otherwise.