Here you can check out the artwork I've done for the Juggernaut of an MMO and a Guiness Record holder World of Tanks

Here's an ingame presentation of some pieces I've done for the project.I modeled and unwraped T-34 and unwrapped and textured KV-1, which are both present on the picture.

On World of Tanks content production wasn't my only responsibility. I was also researching and setting standarts for things and QAed the artwork that was made, ensuring consistent quality among all the artists envolved.

And here's KV-1 Heavy tank which I unwrapped and textured. All textures were absolutely,completly,utterly handpainted.Rendered in Unreal Engine 3.

Here are some wires for some tanks I modeled, unwrapped and did a lot of other horrible things to for WoT=)


All artwork (c) Andrew Maximov unless stated otherwise.